Sun in Every Soul
The redheads are believed to be sun-kissed, with the sunshine sparkling on their faces with a sprinkling of freckles, reflecting in their eyes, and playing in their hair… It can be a tender light of the setting sun, bright midday or early-morning sunshine, or mild sunlight gleaming through the clouds… With my desire to express all this appeared a collection of ginger-headed dolls which I named “Sun in Every Soul”
Not princesses
In every woman there lives a sorceress, everyone can bewitch.
It can inspire without the help of lace and jewelry, using his natural strength. This is what my collection of "Not Princesses" says.
Elves are the most beautiful and incomprehensible fabulous creatures. I found in the book their names: Anariel, Lairiel, Tauriel... I read and imagined how the Daughter of the Sun or the Daughter of the Forest can look. This inspired me to create a collection of "Elves".
The journey is new impressions, new opportunities, these are reflections and dreams, these are observations. Our whole life is nothing more than a journey. We take the suitcase and put everything we know now into it. And when we return home, it becomes heavier, because in it we carry also everything new from the journey.
Sometimes, watching the phenomena of nature, I clearly see the images that I want to embody. So I started this collection. I called her "Impression".
Ice cream
In the winter twilight there is a wonderful light. When the yellow light of the lanterns spreads over the white snow and everything turns into a fairy tale. I love this time, cold and sweet, like ice cream.
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